PoW quest

Q: Who is this quest for?

A: For 20 people, above 18 years old and in good health, selected by lot among the players who played on the side of the KSH and their allies at the previous LARP

Q: Why only from KSH and their allies?

A: Because this was how the game was designed and announced in 2018 and this was one of the things that were supposed happen to the faction that lost the war – some of them starting as PoWs this game.

Q: Why the limitation in number of people?

A: For two reasons: 1) the quest would not be good with too many people; 2) PoWs will wear special technical devices for tracking. We have a limit how many we can do.

Q: How will you choose who goes?

A: Two are GMs, the other 18 – by lot among all those who have specified they want to in the registeration form for the game.

Q: When the lot will be drawn?

On 30 June. This means that if you fill in the registration form after June 29, 23.59 h, you will not participate in the draw.

Q: What kind of a quest is that anyway?

Тhis quest will begin at the beginning of the game (i.e. you start the game as a PoW). Prior to the game you will be given information on how  you were captured. Special electronic devices will be put on the PoWs (with an appropriate ingame name) that require you to stay in a certain area and not leave it. If you do, they explode together with your character’s head, and the character is dead for longer than usual – a few hours.

There are TWO THINGS you need to keep in mind:

  • This is not a fun quest in which you are a prisoner in someone else’s camp, given to eat and drink and all is super fun. This is a tough quest. This content is suitable for people who like psychological game, moral choices and the like. For people who will not get too bored, or even if they do, they would endure and not quit. Apart from the psychological game there is almost no content for the PoWs, apart from the psychological game and the interaction between themselves It is not a quest for you to get free – you actually can’t anyway. To free you is a quest for the guerillas, not for you. What is left for you is this game that can be defined as similar to a Nordic chamber LARP. 
  • Enlisting for this quest, you consciously and voluntarily agree that you will experience inevitable slight physical discomfort and you may experience some psychological discomfort. The maximum duration of the quest is 12 hours, but you have to be prepared that you will not have dinner, you may be a little cold, wet or get bored. You will start the quest only with the usual clothes for your character would wear in August-September, a blanket – provided by yourselves,  and some water.

Q: How long will it last?

A: You start the game as a PoW – that is, 20:00 on July 31, Wednesday. The maximum duration is until 08:00 on the following morning. It is probable, but not quaranteed that someone would  free you earlier.