Our Kickstarter Campaign

The Fog LARP is on Kickstarter!


On May 15th we have launched a kickstarter campaign to back the project for our biggest event so far – to be held on 2-6 August, 2017, in Kostenеts, Bulgaria.

What are we seeking to fund?

Better quality of player experience and immersion.

Furthermore, it is a sustainable investment for not only one single event, but for the continuity of the project in the future.

More specifically:

  • Quality props to ensure both aestetical and immersive game: tents, tables, benches, other furniture, lightning and paraphernalia to create a convincing town center as the main game social hub.
  • We pay a great deal of attention to the human factor, which we put in the center of our game design. In this context, we have planned an entire GPC (guided playable character) faction, which will give life to the town center – the Town Guard. Experienced players will provide  immersion and generate game content for the playing characters. We wish to make costumes and weaponry for 8-12 people from this faction.
  • Facilities needed for basic player comfort and for protecting the local nature – showers and WC. We have all the necessary paperwork done.

Our budget is extremely thorough and there are other expenses in it, such as remunerations for the staff involved in the organization of the event, etc.. These expenses will be covered by the event entrance fee. This campaign covers specifically what has been precised in the above three bullets.

We have made an extensive market research  to ensure the best cost effectiveness and keep the budget balanced and realistic.

Tent schematic

Tent schematic

Town Guard concept art

Town Guard concept art


What’s in it for you if you back us?

Firstly supporting us can get you a ticket for the event and allow you to enjoy the experience we provide.

However, depending on the pledge, you can get fantastic stuff even if you cannot make it:

  • unique handmade merchandise
  • a portrait of you/your character by our chief artist
  • you/your character being included in the game lore
  • a short story about you/your character in the game setting being written 
The Fog Dragonhead Medallion (handmade)

The Fog Dragonhead Medallion (handmade)

The Fog Leather Bracelet (handmade)

The Fog Leather Bracelet (handmade)

Portrait of your character

Portrait of your character

If we go over our goal 

We are prepared to further enhance our event by adding a second guided playable character faction which will set in motion a separate mystery-themed questline.

We also wish to include more props to the town area among which is an actual sleeping tent within the inn and steel jail cells for petty criminals.

If we go over our goal even more, we’ve prepared additional subprojects. A larp guillotine and an entire night-time horror concept, including props, costumes and special effects are among them.

Risks and Challenges

The main risk we are facing is not fitting in the tight time schedule.

We have taken the following steps to mitigate this risk:

– all the prep work, including design development and search for suppliers/contractors has been finalized. Our suppliers/contractors are on stand by to start work on the items;

– we have an identified back up option for every item;

– we have a long cooperation with the local people – both the local mountain hut tenants and the authorities. With their support for this project, completing the work on the facilities in time is completely feasible, as water/sewerage and electricity is already in place;

It should be also specified, that all rewards will be delivered to backers as described, no matter any potential complications with the implementation of the designs.