The event will take place in Bulgaria, District of Sofia, Municipality of Kostenetz, the area of Gurgulitsa mountain hut (see the map below).

Our LARP site is located in Rila mountain, at approximately 1200 m above sea level. The terrain is mountainous, very diverse, offering a couple of huge meadows and a lot of forest to play and set camp. You do NOT need any special abilities or physical preparation to move around the terrain, as long as you are prepared that this is a mountain and there are some slopes and going uphill and downhill. You can check on the weather HERE.


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The site is accessible by car. The condition of the road to the hut is not perfect, but you do not need any special vehicle to get there. However, drivers must be prepared for a mountain road – i.e. narrow and curved. Use caution, especially at turns.

If you are not traveling by your own car or with friend’s car, you can hire a taxi from the town. It will take you straight to the hut for a price of about EUR 8. It takes about ½ hour.

Additional options for organized transportation from the town will be discussed and offered at a later stage when we see how many people need this type of support.

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The hut

gurgulitsaGurgulitsa hut is a mountain hut with about 50 beds. It is a mountain hut, not a hotel. However, it is nice and clean.
It offers:
– accommodation in group dormitories (6-10 beds) – price EUR 8 per person per night;
– WC – free of charge for event participants;
– shower –price EUR 1.50 per person per time.

hut 5In case there are more people who want to sleep at the hut, than beds in the hut, the following prioritization will apply in this order:
1) people with medical conditions, chronic or acute, that make it problematic for them to camp;
2) non-Bulgarian participants (because for Bulgarian participants it is faster and closer to get home after the event);
3) order of application


The canteen at the hut offers:
– soups (chicken soup, beans, tripe soup) – EUR 1,50-2,00)
– salad (e.g. shopska salad) – EUR 2,50
– grill (meat balls, kebabche, chicken stake) EUR 0,6 – 3,00
– fried bread slices with cheese and jam for breakfast – EUR 2,00
– beer (Bulgarian, 2 brands) – EUR 1,50
– non-alcoholic beverages – coke, soda, mineral water, juice
– coffee and tea

hut 3


Please note that the canteen is not that big and the number of personnel is limited, so in case many people visit simultaneously, waiting will be longer. In case many people desire to have organized meals at the canteen, we might think of making a schedule.

hut 9

Parking lot
A parking lot is available for all cars free of charge.

The town

The town Kostenets is a small town in Sofia district with population of some 6000 people, located at 60 km from the capital city of Sofia. It is definitely not the most beautiful town you have ever seen and basically there is nothing to be seen there, so do not bother to envisage time for sightseeing.
However, you might end up very happy with it, because there you have available:
– a supermarket, working till 22.00, also other food shops;
– a pharmacy, working also on holidays;
– a couple of ATMs;
– a couple of Banks to exchange money (only on working days)

Useful general information on the country

– Time zone: Eastern European Time (EET) Standard Time = GMT+2 Summer Time = GMT+3
– Currency: Bulgarian Lev (BGN). There is a fixed bank currency rate which is 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN, but for all your change transactions you will be safe to calculate 1 EUR = BG 2. No legitimate exchange office should offer you less than 1,92-1,93 Lev for 1 Euro. ALWAYS use banks to convert your money when on your own. For an online converter, click here.

Security at the event
The area is generally safe. We have played LARP there for many years now. We do not expect any security issues, however we strongly recommend you to lock your valuables in the cars and to have the car keys always with you. Do not leave any money or other valuables inside a tent or in a room in the hut. Better safe than sorry. If you have any security concerns or wish to report a potential or a real problem, please contact the organizers in the ways that will be offered to your attention at the beginning of the event.

How to get HERE:

If you are traveling by your own car, from Sofia take highway A1 to Burgas. At km 47 there is a junction to Kostenets – exit the highway. Proceed about 8-10 km, passing through a small village (Mirovo) and a town (Momina Skala), until you reach the town of Kostenets. At some point you will see a LuKoil gas station to your left. Shortly after that there is a junction to the left for Samokov – take it. It will take you under a railway bridge. Turn left immediately after you pass under the bridge – this will take you to the center with the shops and stuff. Take the next right and than just follow the road towards the mountain, through the village of Kostenets (yes, it has the same name) and then a vacation area with a couple of restaurants, called “Vili Kostenets”. There turn left to take the mountain road to the hut.

If you are not traveling by your own car you can get to Kostenets easily by train from Sofia (price = BGN 4.20/EUR 2.10; group tickets for small groups (3 to 6 passengers) available for BGN 3.60/EUR 1,80)  and then take a taxi to the hut (price = about BGN 15/ EUR 7.50. Bulgarian railway company BDZ website.

Additional travel information will be provided as the event dates approach. Further information for picking up people or assembling parties will be provided later.