Games of Trust: General Information


August 2018, Kazanlak. The war between the Northern Alliance and the Coalition of the Kingdom of the Seven Hills has ended just a few weeks ago with a truce. The Kingdom and their allies have chosen to concede to an unfavorable Armistice, due to dangerously low resources, loss of tactical advantage, and exhaustion of troops. However, the will of the coalition appears to have remained unshattered.

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А difficult peace conference to be held under the auspices of the Sand Blades Guild is ahead of us. It is hard to say whether even the Blades, known to be well honed in bargain, would be able to keep under control the conference, where experienced and witty negotiators from both sides would try to gain an advantage, discredit the opponent or defend themselves from discrediting. To this end, both parties use all means, including guerrilla action by small groups with special missions.

Another key factor in the peace talks is the issue of the PoWs from the Coalition of the Seven Hills, held by the Northern Alliance in an improvised concentration camp nearby. Caught very recently in Northern Alliance territory, their presence there being in violation of the signed armistice, they are being accused of alleged acts of diversion and sabotage. This issue poses an additional hindrance before the Sevenhillean Coalition negotiators, most of whom quite convincingly do not seem to know why the PoWs were in forbidden territory in the first place.

Meanwhile, shortly before the official opening of the conference, scouts from all factions have reported new intelligence to their superiors. Someone systematically has been killing fighters who have come close to certain locations in the area. Locations that do not seem special in any way, at least from a distance. And strange containers with unknown purpose have been found all around – according to field mages, of extremely non-magical nature, as well as pieces of some unknown black material

It seems that some interesting time await us.

Metagame information

What will this game offer:

1. A Peace Conference. It will take place in the form of one-hour sessions with a set topic twice a day – to avoid annoying and ineffective several-hour long talks. This content is for players who like to negotiate – whether to gain an advantage over the opposing party or because they genuinly want to achieve a win-win result.
2. Guerrilla fighting. In small groups. The guerrillas will receive tasks (quests) that are relevant to the political side of the game – e.g. to find evidence of war crimes committed by the enemy, or to find evidence that such data is false, and so on. Conflicts between the groups are expected to take place in the process. This content is for players who want to fight. Be aware that the action will involve a lot of movement and small-scale skirmishes rather than massive fights.
3. Prisoners of War Quest. As envisaged in the last game, the PoWs will be selected among players from the faction of the Seven Hills and their allies. Those who wish to participate will have to sign in and then about 20 people will be selected by lot. This quest will start from the beginning of the game (ie these players start the game as PoWs) and will last for 12 hours. Electronic devices (with a proper ingame designation) will be put on the PoWs, which will make them stay confined in a certain limited area, as if they leave it, the device would “explode” and the character would be dead for longer than normal – a few hours. No guards from the Northern Alliance are required, unless they want to. Be aware!!! This is not a fun quest in which you are a prisoner in someone else’s camp, given to eat and drink and all is super fun. This is a tough quest. This content is suitable for people who like psychological game, moral choices and the like. For people who will not get too bored, or even if they do, they would endure and not quit. Apart from the psychological game there is almost no content for the PoWs. Their release is a quest for the guerrillas, not for themselves. Signing in will be active at a later stage.
4. The “Main Quest” – a system of a number of non-PvP quests with a gamist score measurement (like the war effort points from the last game). In the process of completing these quests some new aspects of The Fog lore will be uncovered.
5. Side quests, that are secondary to the main themes of the LARP, without being insignificant or not interesting – rather the opposite – created by the new guys in The Fog LARP team – Zlatko Yanakiev, Tsvetomir Tsvetkov, and Lazar Kyosev.
6. Social interactions at the Conference Center, formed by Weber, Caravans the Mage Academy, the Alchemist Guild and all other traders and craftsmen. This year’s center will be located in the fortress of the Seven Hills, which, obviously, will not be fortress of the Seven Hills. The latter will have an open camp nearby. The organizers would like to thank the Kingdom of the Seven Hills Roleplaying Club for kindly providing this opportunity to diversify the locations in the game. The Tavern will be managed again by Zdravko Peev and Aleksandra Shkodrova team.