About the Fog Series

The Fog is an ambitious innovative Live Action Role-Play project aimed at restoring the original charm of fantasy LARPs while creating an appealing content and gameplay based on the human-centered design framework.

Facts about The Fog

  • Character-driven story development;
  • 17 events since 2010;
  • Average of 120-150 participants; reached 184 participants in 2016;
  • In 2015 we had participants from: Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, United Kindom, Georgia, Spain, Argentina.

Main Features of The Fog

Setting & Story

  • Character-driven story: characters’ decisions and actions create the story  in real time. the outcome of each chapter is not  predetermined. GMs only compile and add missing parts. We encourage focus on drama and individual character development.
  • Freedom of character decisions and actions: no GM is with you at all times; you do not need GM permission to do anything you want ingame (unless it involves destroying props or breaking basic rules).


  • There are no character levels and classes, and no abstract “skills”. You can do what you can do. The game/RP goes uninterrupted by “using skills” and defining if it has been successful; even rules on using magic are aligned with this concept.
  • Safety levels are kept to common sense;
  • You can have your custom weapons;
  • You can break stuff (it is still not complete anarchy!)

Elements of the  game

  • Combat missions, battles, sieges; 24 hrs. PvP
  • Mystery solving
  • Diplomacy
  • Guilds, secret organizations, etc.
  • Shady dealings
  • Social activities, free form social RP
  • Tournaments & duels
  • Classic Quests