The Fog LARP is hiring!

The Fog LARP is looking for candidates for 4 special characters. The selected players will participate in the game free of charge (will not pay fee) and, in addition, will be receive a modst payment for their service.

1. Tavern Keeper


2. Taven Keeper Assistant


3. Librarian

The Librarian is  professional sage, hired by Weber caravans. He knows a lot and sells his knowledge at completely affordable prices. The role is requiring, involves many role-play interactions, but also allows for individual play to a certain extent.

– To give hints to the pcharacters when they have difficulties with a quest or other task in the game;
– to perform some other out of game functions related to the quests, as necessary;
– to be easily found by the players during most of the game.

– previous experience in role playing games is an advantage.

– The Librarian does not pay a participation fee for the game;
– The Librarian is paid 10 EUR/day.

4. Captain of the Weber Guard 



If you are interested to apply for the roles of Librarian and Captain of the Guard, please contact Lubomir Kashilski “Vizimir”  or Ilina Konakchieva “Hellen”.