Create a Quest!

The Fog LARP is looking for players who would like to create their own quests for the game “All Quiet on the Northern Front”. This games mechanics involve completing a great number of quest and we would like to enrich them with your ideas.

– the quests could take between several minutes and en entire day;
– they could be aimed at all the players or at one faction or group only – your choice;
– they could be fight action or social interaction only, or a mixture of both;
– there are no specific requirements, but all project will be subject to a review by the organizers and, if necessary, light modifications in order to be adjustable to the war effort point system;
– if necessary, the organizers will provide some funds to back the idea;
– we recommend that players do not create content that requires too much of their time because they risk omitting other interesting elements of the game.

In the case you are interested in writing a quest, please contact Ilina Konakchieva “Hellen”, Lubomir Kashilski “Vizimir”, or Andrei Andreev “Orin”. We will support you in the process of developing and implementing your idea and after the game all quest makers will participate in a lottery and the best quests will be rewarded with a small prize.