The Weber Guard

The Weber Guard is a gateway playable faction, that in game preserves the order in and around the Weber Caravans and, in and out og game, completes tasks given by the organizers, the Tavern Keepers and the Captain of the Guard.

The Guards:
– get to participate in the game for free (do not pay the fee);
– get generic costumes (guard uniform) from the organizers;
– get one day free from their guard duty, during which can do whatever they want at the larp;
– get the opportunity to interact with all variuos characters who visit the Tavern and the Weber Caravans.

In return the Guards:
– shall comply with the organizers’, the Tavern Keepers and the Captain’s instructions;
– shall fulfill some mtagame tasks (such as for example taking quest objects to a location).

The Weber Guard provides an excellent opportunity for newbies and other people who are not yet so familiar with the Fog Series. In addition, the Guard is also a good and cheap option for old players who want to do something completely different and get a break from their normal characters’ activities. This faction is equally good for both Bulgarian and non-Bulgarian players.

If you would like to play as a guard, please contact Lubomir Kashilski “Vizimir” or Ilina Konakchieva “Hellen”.

If you are interested in applying for the role of Captain of the Guard, plese click here.