The Guard

The Guard this year is a neutral faction, suitable for new players, who do not belong to any other group. The core of the Guard consists of a few very experienced players, whom several of you are welcome to join under the following conditions:

The guards:

– get to participate in the game without being requested to give any donations;
– get generic costumes (guard uniform) from the organizers;
– get one day free from their guard duty, during which can do whatever they want at the larp;
– guardget the opportunity to interact with all variuos characters who visit the Tavern.

In return the Guards:
– shall comply with the organizers’ and the Captain’s instructions;
– shall fulfill some metagame tasks (such as for example taking quest objects to a location).

The Guard provides an excellent opportunity for newbies and other people who are not yet so familiar with the Fog Series. In addition, the Guard is also a good and cheap option for old players who want to do something completely different and get a break from their normal characters’ activities. Both Bulgarian and non-Bulgarian players are welcome

If you would like to play as a guard, please contact Lubomir Kashilski “Vizimir” or Kiril Dragomirov “Azar”.