Setting 2018

Eight months, three weeks and four days since the war halted yet did not end. 

First, the Kingdom of the Seven Hills attacked Bdin. Bdin’s allies rushed to their help. Тhe two sides ended up with evened forces and with no useful move. 

Then the winter came. The snow cought the Etropole front and covered the mud and the reddened puddles.  It became very quiet.

Then the New Year’s Day came. No one remembers who first went to the no man’s land strip with a white flag and a bottle of rum. Half an hour later we were all there, and we all drank. We forgot about the war. But the war returned the next chilly morning with a few pointless battles in which we did not dare to look into each other’s eyes.

Then the spring came. It brought snowdrops, crocuses, and birds thirsty for love. A large group loomed from the east. The two armies froze in anticipation to find out whose reinforcement that was. It turned out to be “Weber Caravans”.

Then some more came: the Sand Blades Guild, an official delegation of the Mage Academy, civilians from both sides. An entire settlement emerged in the no man’s land. A few weeks later the commanders of the two armies were already releasing the soldiers on schedule  for leave. What was happening there was staying there. Basically, people did not die and that was good.

Then the heat came. Occasionally short battles were held, to remind us why we were there. But somehow they always happened when the sun was down. Total eight months, three weeks and four days all was quiet on the Northern Front.

Then the new orders came.


What is going on? When and where are we?

After the escalation of the conflict between the Kingdom of the Seven Hills and the Northern Alliance last summer in the autumn the Seven Hills have attacked Bdin, moving their troops  north north-west to the region of Etropole. Thus the Northern Front has been formed

Bdin have been supported by  their allies, forming the Northern Alliance. Thus a stalemate situation has emerged. The two rival armies have dug in on the two sides of the front, leaving between them a thin strip, known as “the no man’s land”.

The winter has come with the so called “New Year’s truce”, when soldiers and commanders from both sides gather in the no man’s land to celebrate together; the spring and part of the summer have also passed by. At some point Weber Caravans have arrived in the region, as well as the Mage Academy and the Sand Baldes, and have settled in the neutral zone. This LARP’s action takes place at the moment when the two armies have just received new information and orders and are preparing to make their moves.


there are three player factions in this game: 1) the Kingdom of the Seven Hills and their allies; 2) the Northern Alliance and their allies, and 3) the Sand Blades Guild.

The Sand Blades guild start the game from a neutral position. In the course of the game they may support any of the two, or both, rival factions, in any way, according to the agreements reached during the game.

Apart from that, from the beginning to the end of the game in the no man’s land operate the strictly neutral Weber Caravans (which includes the Tavern, the Guard and the Librarian), The Mage Academy, as well as the Infirmary under the joint management of Weber Caravans and the Mage Academy.

The Tavern Keepers, the Librarian and the Guard Captain are paid NPC staff – click here to apply!

Тhe Weber Guard is a gateway playable faction, with free admission to the LARP (no fee), recommended for new players without a clan/group click here to enlist!

Game objective and victory condition 

The general objective of the game for each of the two big rival factions is to win the war.

Minor objectives on clan/group level and/or individual level are subject to free definition by the clans and individual characters.

The victory condition is: the faction, which, at the end of the game, has a bigger number of war effort points wins.

In addition, there might be minor game aspects to measure achievement: e.g. one of the factions has won but the other has given a way less casualties, etc. – those will be communicated to the players in the beginning of the game.

War effort points can be accumulated by completing group military assignments, as well as non-military group and individual quests, which are considered to indirectly help the war effort of the correspondent faction.

Game content

The game includes:

  • completing group military assignements that are directly related to the war and give a large number of war effort points;
  • completing group non-military assignments (quests), that are not directly related to the military action and give some lesser number of war effort points. These are both GM and player generated: make your own quest: click here and get a lottery ticket!
  • completing individual non-military assignements (quests) that are not related to the military action and give a leser number of war effort points. These are both GM and player generated: make your own quest: click here and get a lottery ticket!
  • social interaction in the no man’s land – Tavern, guard, Mage Academy, including characters from the opposing faction;
  • completing tasks/quests for the Tavern, Guard, the Mage Academy;
  • other social interaction.