Sign in and fee


Sign In

Signing in shall be done via Google forms, which will be linked here.

Signing in for this game shall be done in two waves.

Wave Two: Individual Sign In

Every player, who wishes to participate in this game, shall sign in via a Google Form, which will be linked here, and shall be considered signed in after submitting the fee for shared expense covering, which amounta to 20 EUR. The individual sign in will be open between 1.05 and 4.07.

In the period between 5.07 and 27.07 late sing in will be possible after filling a form and submitting a fee for shared expense covering, which amounts to 23 EUR.

On the spot sing in will be allowed only by exception and for a fee for shared expense covering, which amounts to 30 EUR.


GDRP stuff:

  • The collected data is used only for the purpose of organizing the game – registration confirmations and other communication directly related to the particular event.
  • Under no circumstaces will access to the collected data  be given to third parties.
  • The responsible perso for storing and safekeeping your data is Ilina Konakchieva.
  • The collected data will not be used to send unsolicited commercial emails, nor any other marketing purposes.
  • The collected data will be deleted 1 month after the end of the game on September 5, 2018.
  • Еxception to the above are any cases where the communication with you continues after this date in connection with events related to this game (eg lost and found stuff, etc.).
  • At any time you have the right to request your data to be deleted.
  • You have the right to receive a full copy of your data stored by us.

Wave one: Signing in for clans/groups – CLOSED

Each clan or group that wants to participate in this game as a clan or group shall sign in before 30 April, providing the following information: name of the clan or group, rough expected number of players at the larp, and which of the two major factions it will side with. FOR SING IN CLICK HERE!

It is mandatory for every clan/group to side with one of the two major factions (please refer to the Setting for details). This does NOT imply an obligation to actively fight on their side. The allegiance may vary from vague sympathy and  abstaining from actions that would harm the allies’ interest on the one extreme, to fierce and fanatic support on the other, and everything in between  – it is up to the clan/group.  The clans/group’s allegiance, however, cannot be changed in the course of the game, and it is not allowed for the clan/group as a whole to secretly support and help the other faction.

A clan/faction that has not signed in within the specified deadline (30 April) will be assigned to one of the two factions at the discretion of the organizers.

The above described sign in procedure and rules do not apply to individual players.

The Fog LARP is a non-profit activity and all income from fees is spent on game resources, organization and props.