Is it true that all larps from now on will be like this one? 

No, it is not true.

The next game of the series will be different compared to this one in order to provide for variety. 

Is it true, that this is going to be a fully battle action LARP and non battle characters will have nothing to do there?

No, it is not true.

War has  many aspects and many of them are not directly related with participation in the actual fighting. Completing non-battle quests and even hanging out in the Tavern will be very important both for the game in general and for winning the war ingame. 

Is it true, that even if I do not want to fight, I will be obligated or event forced to do so? 

No.  О.о

And, if I do not want to fight, will I have what else to do? 

Yes, a great variety of tasks and quests are envisaged. The only difference is that successfully completed quests, even totaly non-combat, will bring “war effort” points to your faction. 

It is true that since I will be sided with one of the two big factions I will not be allowed to speak to characters from the other one? 


And what if I do not want to fight for my faction? 

Then you will not fight. 

Can I change factions mid-game? 

Your clan/group is loyal to the faction it has chosen and cannot change factions mid-game. The individual players are not bound to that, but it stupid to abuse this.

Why are the Sand Blades allowed to be neutral and we aren’t? 

The Sand Blades are not neutral – they start the game as neutral. In the course of the game they can support one of the factions or both of them. For the two rival factions they are an unknown and an unpredictable element.